6 Smartphone Features You Need For Great Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing sector of the industry. Smartphones put highly capable game machines in the pockets of the masses. More and more people are becoming gamers thanks to the smartphone, but if you are already a gamer what should you be looking for in a phone? Read on to find out.

Get A Phone With A Gaming Mode

This is one area where Android has the upper hand over Apple. Gaming modes on PCs, TVs, and smartphones help you get more from your gaming. On a smartphone, a gaming mode prioritizes gaming over all the other features on the phone, dedicating important resources like graphics processing to your game. This helps you play faster and makes the games look better. 

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Dual Batteries

Any owner and operator of a smartphone will know how important battery power is. Some phones can struggle to keep up when you are playing games, and the power quickly drains from the system, limiting your playing time. Dual-battery smartphones use two smaller battery cells instead of one larger one. This can help charge your phone more quickly, and reduce the heat and stress a battery goes through.

With a dual battery, a phone that has a 6000mAh capacity will have two 3000mAh batteries. One can be charged while the other powers the system, and then they switch roles. This helps batteries to last longer and supply power more consistently, which helps you to game more and for longer.

A Headphone Jack

This crucial input began to disappear from smartphones a few years ago, and it needs to make a comeback. Some manufacturers still include an old-school headphone jack on their phones, and it is a feature gamers need to keep an eye out for. Sound is important when gaming. You do not want to clog up your charging port with a pair of headphones or have to buy a special adapter to listen and charge at the same time.

Bluetooth headphones are not a perfect solution to the problem either. They use extra power on your phone to keep the Bluetooth signal going, and they need to be charged themselves. You get a better quality of sound from wired headphones too. Look for a standard headphone jack when you are searching for a gaming smartphone.

Pass-Through Charging

For serious mobile gaming, this is a must-have feature. Pass-through charging allows your phone to be powered by the charging source while your batteries recharge. Most phones always use battery power to operate, even when charging. This can stress the battery and affect both its short and long-term performance.

By using the power from a wall socket or a battery pack while you charge your battery, the phone does not suffer a loss in performance, and the battery is kept in a better condition. You can game more, and for longer with this feature. Before you buy a smartphone, study the specs carefully and keep an eye out for pass-through charging capability.  

Dual Stereo Speakers

Sound is an important part of gaming. You may enjoy using your headphones when you are gaming on the go, but when you are alone there is no reason not to enjoy the bleeps, bloops, and music of your favorite mobile games. Many smartphones can let themselves down in this area, supplying only mono or pseudo-stereo sound.

For immersive gaming on a smartphone, as well as better music and media sound, you need to find a phone that takes its speakers seriously. Test a phone in a store before you buy. Make sure the sound is clear. There are videos on YouTube that can help you test its stereo sound, just stream one and keep your ears open.

Battery Protection

The Lithium-ion batteries that power our smartphones, as well as laptops and electric vehicles, are fussy things. They do not like being completely empty, or completely charged. Battery chemistry experts suggest never charging your phone past 85% to prevent degradation. Overcharging causes problems and reduces efficiency. Look for a phone with built-in battery protection.

When your phone overcharges, or stays plugged in when it has already reached a full charge, the battery will begin to overheat. This damages the battery and prevents it from holding a charge for long periods of time and affects the performance of your phone. If you want to game on your phone, make sure it has built-in battery protection features so it never lets you down in the middle of a gaming session.

With these features on a smartphone, you will be able to experience the best of mobile gaming for longer. Take your games on your commute, on a long road trip, or anywhere you like.