Sunny Side Review: A New Life Sim with Modern Twists

Introduction to Sunny Side

Sunny Side is the latest indie life simulation game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Released in early 2024 by RainyGames, a small but passionate development team, Sunny Side promises a vibrant world filled with modern touches that set it apart from traditional farming sims. In this review, we’ll dive into what makes Sunny Side unique, its strengths, and its areas for improvement.

What is Sunny Side?

Game Overview

Sunny Side is a life simulation game where players can immerse themselves in a large open world, tending to farms, customizing their homes, and interacting with a diverse cast of characters. The game stands out with its inclusion of modern technology and extensive customization options, allowing players to truly make their virtual life their own.

The Team Behind Sunny Side

RainyGames, the creative minds behind Sunny Side, is a dedicated group of developers committed to creating immersive and enjoyable gaming experiences. Despite being a small studio, their ambition is evident in the detailed and expansive world they’ve crafted. Their commitment to regular updates and improvements demonstrates their dedication to delivering a polished product.

Concept and Unique Features

At its core, Sunny Side is about living your best virtual life. Players can farm, fish, cook, and explore a beautifully rendered world. What sets it apart is the integration of modern gadgets like drones and bikes, offering new ways to interact with the environment. This blend of traditional life sim elements with contemporary tech makes Sunny Side a unique and engaging experience.

Pros of Sunny Side

Visual Style

The game’s aesthetics are a major draw, reminiscent of 3D anime games like Mabinogi. The vibrant, anime-inspired visuals create a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere that is both inviting and charming.

Customization Options

Sunny Side excels in offering a wide range of customization options. From hairstyles and clothing to body types and gender pronouns, players can create characters that truly represent them. The inclusion of features like freckles, moles, and scars adds a deeper level of personalization.

Large Open World

The expansive open world provides players with a lot of freedom to explore and engage in various activities. This sense of freedom is one of the game’s strongest points.

Beautiful Transition Scenes

The game features stunning transition scenes and effects. Details like leaves on trees, tranquil streams, and diverse wildlife add a serene and immersive touch to the environment.

Cons of Sunny Side

Saving Issues

One of the most significant drawbacks is the inability to save the game easily. Although there’s a workaround involving antivirus software, it feels unreasonable to lower security just to save progress. Additionally, saving is only possible at the end of the day by going to sleep. Losing my first character after two hours of customization due to this bug was incredibly disappointing.

Phone Interface

The in-game phone has a shiny graphic effect that makes it hard to read and interact with. Given how often you need to use it, this becomes quite frustrating. A clearer, more user-friendly interface would be a welcome improvement.

Story and Character Writing

While the characters are visually appealing, they lack depth. The story feels thin, and character interactions aren’t as engaging as they could be. This might improve as the game progresses, but the saving bug hindered my ability to explore further.

Art Inconsistencies

Some areas of the game suffer from flat, boxy art, particularly character faces and certain wildlife. Birds look beautiful, but other animals, like the fox, appear blurry and poorly rendered. Additionally, more options for blush and lip gloss colors would help Caucasian characters look less zombie-like.

Mouse Dependency

The game requires a mouse to play, which is a significant inconvenience for those who prefer using a keyboard and touch screen. This issue also affects the Steam Deck experience, as it lacks a mouse wheel. This is only the second game I’ve encountered with this problem, the first being Sonico. Using a mouse is difficult with my original Surface Laptop Pro, which doesn’t have standard USB ports.

Current State and Updates

Sunny Side is off to a rough start, with many reviewers noting that the world feels empty and the game seems like an early release rather than a finished product. The development team has promised several updates and has already released their first patch. I plan to try playing again to see if this patch fixes the saving issue, but since the patch notes do not mention this, my hopes are tempered.

Overall Impressions

Sunny Side has immense potential with its beautiful visuals, innovative life sim elements, and extensive customization options. However, the saving issue is a major drawback that needs urgent attention. The game’s interface and character writing also have room for improvement, and the mouse dependency is a significant inconvenience. Despite these issues, I’m hopeful for updates and improvements that could make Sunny Side a standout title in the life sim genre. For now, it’s a game with great promise that’s held back by a few critical flaws. Keep an eye on this one, as future updates might just turn it into the gem it’s aiming to be.

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