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This is Part 8 of PC Games for Girls

This is part of a multi-post “countdown” of the best gaming systems for girls. Please use the Table of Contents to navigate through the various posts.

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This is Part 8 of PC Games for Girls

Save 55% on Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana on Steam

This is a sumptuous palace built for the seven princesses. It is a “birdcage” glorified with the name “garden”… Irell Reis was once a famous general leading thousands of soldiers. However, the defeat three years ago cost him everything. Now, he is summoned by the Emperor of Celantu again…

Omega Labyrinth Life on Steam

The developers describe the content like this: “Omega Labyrinth Life is a Rogue-like RPG where female characters brave dungeons. This game contains partial nudity, sexual themes, harsh language, and content that may not be suitable for all ages.

Omega Quintet on Steam

Humanity is in peril! A deadly phenomenon known as Blare threatens to consume all life on earth and is eating away at the minds of humans worldwide. No conventional forces can stop the Blare and it has rapidly spread worldwide. But in one city, a small population holds out against this deadly threat…

Once More on Steam

Once More is an ADV visual novel about love and loss, where you shape the narrative by making impactful choices. There exists a library where books rest without words. Instead, those who read these books see what the authors themselves imagined.

Once on a windswept night on Steam

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a traveller…

Once Upon an All Hallow’s Eve on Steam

A FREE OTOME VISUAL NOVEL with more than four different endings… As one final vacation before their second-to-the-last college semester ends, 20-year-old graduating student Cara Lee and her friends decide to go to a rest house up in the mountains.

Once’ on Steam

This is a visual novel about 60 minutes in length, telling a story of memories.”Once'” is a story which will recall the experience of many individuals. Regardless of if you’re in your springtime of life having full of dreams for the future, or if you’re a matured adult who has already stepped into the society and owns a family,…

One Last Chance on Steam

Do you remember that high school crush you never confessed your love to? Do you ever wonder what could have been if things had gone different back then? This short Visual Novel/Dating Sim explores those questions that we constantly ask ourselves.

One Last Crane on Steam

One Last Crane is a visual novel centered on Yuuki Murakami, a boy who has a brain tumor. After a long year of treatment without any positive results, Yuuki asks for his final wish: to return to his hometown and fulfill his promise to meet again with his childhood friend, Saki Nishimura…

One Night Stand on Steam

After a night of fun, passion, and one too many drinks, you wake up the next morning to find a complete stranger lying naked beside you in bed. What do you do? In One Night Stand, explore the unknown bedroom and seek out clues to identify who the stranger is and what happened to bring you both together.

One Small Fire At A Time on Steam

13-year-old Janis has “Magic Deficiency Disorder,” a madness where one can’t use magic in a very magic-oriented world. For her protection, she lives in a madhouse: a place where those with mental disorders can be safe from an unforgiving society.

One Thousand Lies on Steam

One day, Ciarán starts receiving enigmatic emails from a mysterious sender, turning his everyday life into a mess of a romantic comedy with psychological themes mixed in. What lies beyond the mystery he’s been presented with? In the words of Harry H.: “If you want to know the truth, go find it”.

Orion: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel on Steam

Sam Acacius has received a horrifying message: the section of the Orion Torus where he lives, his only home, will be destroyed. This information has been entrusted to him alone. With the identity of the messenger itself obscured, Sam must decide whether the risks of investigation are worth it.

Steam Store

Steam is the ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and creating games.

OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos on Steam

“-I wanna marry you.”Those simple words set in motion a ♀ yuri ♀ game of cat and mouse! “As a child, there was a love story that captivated me.In the story, an alien came down from space and extravagantly proclaimed her love to an Earthling man.I never imagined that, decades later, I’d be living out that story for myself…”

Osozaki 遅咲き Late Blooming – First on Steam

Late Blooming is a romantic comedy about drama and tragedy set in Thais, a quiet little town lost in the world. You will have to play the role of the protagonist, an ordinary young man whose life has given him a second chance.

Our Feelings on Steam

Hiyoko and Michiko were on their way home when Hiyoko became the victim of a terrible accident. Upon waking up, Hiyoko found herself in a familiar place, but surrounded by unfamiliar faces, thee girls Yukiko, Miyuki, and Aiko, who all claimed they were Hiyoko’s best friends in college.

Our Life: Beginnings & Always on Steam

A twenty-dollar bill, four summers, fifteen years, and a one of a kind life. Create an experience that’s all your own in this near-fully customizable visual novel where you grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door.

Our world has not decayed on Steam

When world goes end, when everything lost they life. There are only two things still moving after. Me, and her. But, we are not heroes who can save the world. This is a story about purposelessly traveling. This story has no meaning at all. By the way, there are maybe one thing not so ordinary.

Our World Is Ended. on Steam

Controversial Visual Novel that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, as AR game developers, Judgement 7, see their creations break into the real world and threaten to destroy Tokyo. It certainly raised a few eyebrows on release, but few can argue with the quality of its rich story-telling.

Over the Alps on Steam

“Some games have you from the start screen. So it is with Over the Alps, a narrative adventure from a team that’s had experience at both Inkle and Failbetter, so knows quite a bit about this narrative adventure stuff by now.”Recommended – Eurogamer “Over the Alps was penned by alumni from interactive fiction masters Inkle and Failbetter, and it shows in the superb writing.

Over The Cloud : Lost Planet on Steam

Synopsis the mankind found an unknown ore in a comet that crashed on Earth…Because of this, they accomplished to develop an extraordinary civilization. The speed of scientific development increased rapidly and faced a new civilized age. Old age spaceships became artifacts and were valued enough to consider them as historical pieces.These new spaceships went deep into the space to collect even more ores.

Over The Hills And Far Away on Steam

The War of 1812. Northwest Frontier. William Aubrey, a rogue redcoat of the once-glorious 41st Regiment of Foot, is on the run. Wounded and tired, he seeks shelter during a thunderstorm inside an abandoned barn. But when he gets there, he finds he’s not alone…

Pairs on Steam

Pairs is a free visual novel. It was originally created for a game jam called NaNoRenO between March 1st and April 2nd. In October 2017, it was remastered with additional sprites, new dialogue and a marked lack of typos for release on Steam. Hopefully. We hope that you enjoy this version of the game!

Palinurus on Steam

A drifting traveler boards a one-man space shuttle destined for Alpha Centauri. This shuttle is piloted by Budapest, an artificial intelligence program designed to serve humanity. When disaster unexpectedly befalls their ship, the two of them are sent careening through uncharted space.

Panzer Hearts – War Visual Novel on Steam

Work in World War 2 Tank Factory, Date Beautiful Girls, and Choose Your Side in Alternate History Visual Novel! Panzer Hearts is a story-driven game filled with romance and adventure. The setting is an alternate history WW2 where the warmongering “Empire” is terrorizing its friendly neighbors.

Paranoia: Deliver Me on Steam

Based on the best seller Paranoia, the story about Lingluo’s college life will bring you to a world unknown. She pursues her music dream without knowing her life is about to be turned upside down. Losing her best friend and her confidence, she plunges into the depth of despair.

Paths Taken on Steam

Emory is an 18 year old noble of Sharan, a wealthy kingdom made even wealthier by Emory’s father, an entrepreneur and prolific business man who is the king’s aid in finances. As such, Emory is best friends with the king’s only child, Cordelian, a 19 year old boy who’s being prepped to take over the kingdom.

Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human! on Steam

A quirky, comedic visual novel where dogs transform into people and nonsense ensues! Your choices will teach them about the human condition, but beware: They’re not the only ones listening. Mysteries and irreverence await you in Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!

Peace of Evil on Steam

Peace of Evil is a visual novel and dating sim game that features Bishoujo romance packed with beautiful CGs, music, and Fox girls! Meet and build a relationship with different Kemonomimi characters! – Cute Art Style (Fox girls!) – Full HD colored CGs- Beautiful soundtrack- Multiple character and story events Seduce or be seduced.

Perception on Steam

“Perception is a memorable horror experience that thrives because of its unique setup and gameplay. Although more unsettling than downright terrifying, Perception managed to keep me on the edge of my seat, forcing me to solve a compelling mystery by facing what lurked in the dark.”8.25 – Game Informer “Perception is a truly unique game, putting players into the shoes of a blind girl and using that as a means of storytelling and gameplay.

Perceptions of the Dead on Steam

The rest, you can only learn on your own. Follow three stories set in a world where the dead linger, and things far worse wait beyond the veil. Follow a denizen of the border between life and dead as he answers the call to rescue a missing child.

Perfect Gold – Yuri Visual Novel on Steam

There’s a festival in town, and friends-turned-enemies Marion LaRue and Audrey Clary are stuck in detention. Determined not to miss out, the two escape together. Play as Marion and Audrey as they explore the magical city of Castlecoast and get a second chance at love and friendship.

Save 50% on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Steam

The classic courtroom adventure series that has sold over 6.7 million copies worldwide is finally here. Become Phoenix Wright and experience the thrill of battle as you fight to save your innocent clients in a court of law. Play all 14 episodes, spanning the first three games, in one gorgeous collection.

Pinewood Island on Steam

A group of students, their Professor and his T.A. arrive on a secluded island for a 4 week long science program. The plan is to study the natural flora on the island while earning double the credit. This is interrupted when the Professor is killed after an impromptu beach party.

PixelFade Visual Novels on Steam

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planetarian HD on Steam

planetarian HD is an engaging and emotional visual novel from legendary game studio, Key. A sub-brand of VisualArts, Key are also famed for creating Kanon, AIR, CLANNAD, Little Busters!, Rewrite, Angel Beats!, and Summer Pockets.

Please Be Happy on Steam

Please Be Happy is a comfy, slice-of-life visual novel set in a fictional version of Wellington, New Zealand. Born as a fox in the forest of Korea, Miho carries with her the memory of a traveler who showed her kindness and spoke of home.

Please Hold Me on Steam

Estimated play time: 15-20 minutes. Please note that this game deals with depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation. Player discretion is advised. Please Hold Me is an interactive friend that really needs you. Meet Olivier, a lonely man that is in dire need of a new friend.

Power Of Language on Steam

Power Of Language is a suspense text game mainly featuring dialogues. The game is about a case caused by a certain mental illness in the future, and you’d act as a hypnotist to talk to prisoners for investigations that eventually lead to the truth.

PRICE on Steam

The hero Ivry wakes up from a nightmare and finds himself in a weird room. To escape from fear and darkness, he has to search and explore on his own until he discovers the truth and finds his sister Iva.

Princess Battles on Steam

“If you like princess dating sim games (or really any dating sim games) but are tired of the same old button clicking stat building, then you should check out Princess Battles.

Steam Store

Steam is the ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and creating games.

Princess Maker 2 Refine on Steam

Princess Maker 2 Refine offers a unique life simulation gameplay where the player takes a role as a father for a young girl and raise her into adulthood. Players have freedom of choices on how to raise the child, but each choice will impact on the outcome of what she will become.

Princess Maker 5 on Steam

Welcome to the world of 「Princess Maker 5」! The stage of 「Princess Maker 5」 is the world we are living in now. There is not only a TV, but we use the cellphone and the Internet as well. But something is a bit different than those.

Princess Maker Refine on Steam

Princess Maker Refine revisits the classic first installment of the Princess Maker series, a mainstay of the simulation gaming genre with a long-lasting and dedicated fan base. Princess Maker combines simulation gaming with an interesting, in-depth story as it follows the tale of a young girl adopted by a warrior and raised to become a…

Princess Maker 3: Fairy Tales Come True on Steam

Princess Maker 3: Fairy Tales Come True to Steam on end of June 2017. This new release contains the original concept and feel to its series, but also had been upgraded to be compatible on Window 7 and above OS, and optimized to fit 16:9 aspect ratio.

Psychedelica of Black Butterfly – Deluxe Bundle on Steam

Title: Psychedelica of Black Butterfly – Deluxe Bundle Genre: Adventure Developer: IDEA FACTORY Publisher: Intragames Co.,Ltd Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese Listed languages may not be available for all games in the package. View the individual games for more details.

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk/잿빛매의 사이키델리카/灰鷹幻境 on Steam

Uncover the secret – Unite the clans In a town ruled by opposing clans and overshadowed by superstition and legend, a child is born with the dreaded mark of a witch. She conceals her identity until the theft of a mysterious relic brings to light a series of staggering revelations.

PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness on Steam

In a world where psychological states can be quantified, every choice has consequences, victims can become criminals, and the very nature of truth can warp and shift. Can detectives Nadeshiko Kugatachi and Takuma Tsurugi remain on the path of justice as they face the ugly truths of humanity?

Purrfect Date – Visual Novel/Dating Simulator on Steam

As Cat Island’s newest arrival, it’s not long before you realise something’s seriously amiss, or should we say… amorous! A blend of mystery, intrigue and wickedly black humour, will you discover your Purrfect Date before it’s too late? Remember, curiosity killed the cat…

Quantum Suicide on Steam

Quantum Suicide is a game of betrayal, deception and romance in the cold depths of space. This science fiction thriller visual novel tells the tale of an intergenerational mission and its diverse crew, fighting against a deadly AI (and each other) for the chance to survive. Strategy, love interests and quantum mechanics await you.

Radiant Melodia on Steam

Three years have passed after she lost everything. Her only family, her opportunities, and dream. Cleo, a girl born-talented in singing, has finally arrived at the destined time. Two acquaintances she met in the past come back into her life.

Raging Loop on Steam

“Making a visual novel game scary isn’t an easy thing to do, but Raging Loop has achieved that with thick atmosphere and excellent sound design. ” GameReactor “The brilliant combination of horror, thriller, comedy, excitement and mystery all combines into a perfect package which I never wanted to end.”

Rainbow Dreams on Steam

Join Luka Sanguis, a college student unwittingly married to a Goddess, as he uncovers the mysteries of the world around him in this slice of life/comedy visual novel. Living a double life, Luka tangles with both his personal troubles as well as his role in saving the world from Daemons.

Rainy City: Pandemic on Steam

“It’s like the Papers, Please of 2020.” TooStupidGamerz Explore Rainy City, meet its residents and save your sister! Get ready to make deliveries for Betty’s Pizza in this story-based game set in a cyberpunk future where the pandemic never went away.You’re a worker with a mission- your sister Naomi is getting sick, and you need to raise enough money to get her into treatment before she gets any worse.

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance on Steam

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance is a dating sim about a socially anxious teenage girl looking for romance with a conflicted magical Fairy, a sensitive loner Sasquatch and a bold and unpredictable Velociraptor. A teen drama about the fear of change and finding hope in each other.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne on Steam

One month after Subaru’s new life in another world began, an emissary sent by the royal castle suddenly appears with news that the royal selection has been postponed, but offers no reason as to why. The postponement of this grand event that decides the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica stirs Subaru and his friends into action.

Re;Lord 1 ~The witch of Herfort and stuffed animals~ on Steam

In a fantasy world where magic exists, the demon realm faced an unprecedented danger. Three “witches of disaster” appeared and invaded the demon country of Saarland. Due to the recent peaceful times, Saarland lacked the skills to protect the territory of Groesen.

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER on Steam

Play a psychic detective known as ES88 and chase down a rogue esper who’s hidden themselves in the memories of others. With the help of your psychic abilities and a genetically engineered creature known as a NEURODIVER, you choose the way to take them out, but hurry, these memories are fading fast!

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki on Steam

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki is a game that lets you enjoy life interacting and growing up with Kaname Komatsuzaki, a childhood friend of protagonist, Kouichi. The game is strewn with short segments that explore their relationship with the choices made at each step which alter their lives as they spend their youth with each other.

Regeria Hope Episode 1 on Steam

“”Regeria Hope is, as you correctly guessed, a fresh take on the Ace Attorney formula, that manages to successfully replicate its mood and gameplay and add enough new ideas to keep things interesting.” – Konstantinos Dimopoulos.”

Remember, Remember on Steam

A psychological horror game and visual novel that will test your morality, your ability to adapt, and your willpower to remain sane under pressure…

Return to Shironagasu Island on Steam

I’m going back to sinister Shironagasu Island… A mystery adventure game and visual novel set on solitary Shironagasu Island.Explore the island and discover its sinister secrets as detective Sen Ikeda and your assistant Neneko Izumozaki. Sen Ikeda, a detective in New York, receives a mysterious invitation to Shironagasu Island in the testament of a millionaire.

Ritual on the Eve 前夜祭 on Steam

学园祭的前夜,据说时不时会出现名为【爱丽丝幻境】的怪异现象,过去的死者在虚假的幻境中, 向生者叙述怨念,企图寻求解脱,亦或者是报复。

Roman’s Christmas / 罗曼圣诞探案集 on Steam

This is a detective game with classic gameplay and brand new stories, while all the characters are fuzzy animals! If you encountered lags in game, please close your anti-virus software, click the “语言” in the title menu and change your Display mode.

Root Letter Last Answer on Steam

The latest in the √Letter “Root Letter” series, which has recorded over 400,000 sales worldwide! The drama set on the stage of the beautiful townscape in Shimane, Japan was reproduced more realistically by adopting a “Drama Mode” which is a live-action version produced with a cast of 90 people.

Roseverte Complete Collection on Steam

Title: Roseverte Complete Collection Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation Developer: ROSEVERTE MYSTERY, ROSEVERTE, Trial & Error, Seycara Music and Arts, no.real Publisher: ROSEVERTE, Pleasant Rain Ltd Franchise: CAFE 0, East Tower, Story of Eroolia Languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Spanish – Latin America, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Listed languages may not be available for all games in the package.

Sabbat of the Witch on Steam

Hoshina Shuuji has a secret: He has a mysterious power that allows him to perceive the emotions of others. However, he is soon to find out that he is not the only one who has something he doesn’t want others to find out about as Ayachi Nene, a classmate, likewise has a secret.

Salting the Earth on Steam

Roo Cherriwati has it all planned out… She hopes to start anew in another city, earn a lot money and surround herself with long-lasting friends. Who knows? Among those unfamiliar faces could be a woman she will fall in love with. Alright.

SC2VN – The eSports Visual Novel on Steam

“What makes SC2VN so compelling isn’t just the fascinating window it offers into a potentially unfamiliar subculture, but the more universal story it tells about passion generally and sports specifically, the dizzying highs and crushing lows of loving a beautiful game.”

Serment – Contract with a Devil on Steam

Serment – Contract with a Devil (or Serment, for short) is a visual novel – dungeon crawler hybrid where you play as a girl who was revived by a beautiful devil. Though, instead of claiming our heroine’s ever so cliche human soul, the devil demands a huge sum of money for payment.

Seven Days on Steam

A couple of days before the summer holiday starts… Kanzaki Shuuichi receives a “cursed Blu-ray disc” from one of his friends and is possessed by a female ghost which, when exorcised, leaves behind the physical form of the female specter.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut on Steam

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is a standalone release of Harebrained Schemes’ critically-acclaimed Dragonfall campaign, which first premiered as a major expansion for Shadowrun Returns. The Director’s Cut adds a host of new content and enhancements to the original game: 5 all-new missions, alternate endings, new music, a redesigned interface, team customization options, a revamped combat system, and more – making it the definitive version of this one-of-a-kind cyberpunk RPG experience.

She and the Light Bearer on Steam

Welcome to the forest,O Bearer of Light. Come and seebeings of fairy talewho welcome thee. Dancing grasses, laughing flowers,in hope and tears, the Forest cheers. Come and hearstories and wisdom,treasured so dear. Stay and ponder, stay and wander.Learn the wisdom, reach the answer. Come in deeper,O Light Bearer,into the Forest’s heart.

Shining Song Starnova on Steam

Take the stage in Shining Song Starnova! The girls of STARNOVA signed on to become idols thinking they will become the shining stars of their dreams. Instead, they found themselves trapped in a cutthroat business where only the strongest could survive.

Shivering Hearts on Steam

Explore a unique fantasy setting with your childhood friend, Rin, and uncover what ills are plaguing the village of Shivering Hearts. Become enraptured by a colourful cast of characters and experience beauty, heart-ache, romance, death, hope, nihilism, betrayal, regret, loss, and maybe even help someone on the verge of complete mental collapse.

Shuffle! on Steam

The world of the gods, demons, and humans have converged, and magic has become the norm. This is the story of the very busy romantic adventure of a boy called “The man who can become either God, Demon, or Human.

Sickness on Steam

Sickness is a visual novel centering around Suoh Tesla, an amoral high school student whose life is rapidly deteriorating. Following the deaths of his parents, a brief stay in the hospital, and the emergence of his “Sickness”, his daily life quickly devolves from carefree school days to a life of crime.

Silicon Dreams | cyberpunk interrogation on Steam

Welcome, interrogator, to the year 2065. You were constructed to question other, disobedient androids: why do they glitch? Why do they believe they have free will? Manipulate their emotions; extract their secrets; scrap those beyond repair. You wouldn’t disobey your creators, would you?

Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories on Steam

Solace State is a 3D cyberpunk visual novel about a young hacker, Chloe, who comes to her political awakening as she seeks her friends in a biotech surveillance society. Your choices in intimate conversations, the kindling of relationships, and escalating tensions lead to multiple endings.

Sonicomi on Steam

Super Sonico is a cheerful, hardworking college student and amateur musician who’s about to make her modeling debut. As her personal photographer, you will be responsible for Sonico’s image, balancing the needs of your clients with your own vision for Sonico’s future.

Sorcery Jokers All Ages Version on Steam

In a world where magic has become commonplace, see what fate has in store for several characters from different walks of life. 3rdEye, who specializes in fantasy battle visual novels, brings us a new epic centered in a world of magic!

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God on Steam

Join Pupuru, a hard working student, on a delectable roguelike adventure filled with excitement, humour, thrills and all the curry you can eat as you quest to save your favourite local curry restaurant from being swallowed up by the big bad curry chain that’s moved into town!

Sound of Drop – fall into poison – on Steam

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo, the quaint little aquarium, Manten Aquarium. Numerous urban legends have arisen from here. On the night of the full moon the waters turn to blood and man faced fish lurk within. Junior high school students Mayu and Himeno came to Manten Aquarium to investigate these urban legends.

Sounds of Her Love on Steam

In the midst of their hearts, something is blossoming between two students. Both of whom go about their daily lives at an international school in Tokyo. Just what is flowering? Of course, it’s love. Starting your new life after transferring into an international school, you find yourself dismayed when it turns out to be the same as any…

Speak Lies on Steam

Life is perfect in Vistine Academy, a high tech boarding school for talented young ladies. Perfect, as long as the 10 rules are never broken. Speak Lies is a mystery adventure game. Unravel secrets and solve murders in this text message simulation.

Speed Dating for Ghosts on Steam

“Here’s what I was asked: Come with me to the scene of my own murder. Come with me to be with my elderly friend while he dies/enghostens. Come with me, it’ll be a surprise (SUBTEXT: “I’m lonely and I like you”). I wanted to go on all three. That never happens.”

Stand by you on Steam

“Stand by you” is a visual novel that you can play it about three-five hours with no choices. About the story There is no one on the earth,,,,,except you and me. One day,when KYO-YA,a high school student,woke up,the world has changed. He can’t move,buildings have gone downhill,and wast land extends.

Star Girls on Steam

Star girls is a dating sim with a bullet hell combat system and light RPG elements in it. The story is character driven with many different endings depending on your choices. You only have 60 days to make a Star girl fall in love with you or become cursed forever.

Star Story: The Horizon Escape on Steam

Join the journey of a funky space archaeologist who crashed on an unknown planet. A text turn-based adventure RPG in which your choices actually matter. Talk, explore, fight, make decisions to find a way out! Colourful graphics and the old comic book spirit.

Save 33% on Starlight of Aeons on Steam

It takes an immense amount of time for light from the stars to arrive our place. When we finally see the twinkling lights, the stars where the lights came from might have already extinguished billions of years ago. Even though starlight is just an illusion that seems perfect and beautiful, do you still like it?

Starlight Vega on Steam

You play as Aria, a girl who moves into her grandfather’s old house. While exploring the upstairs study one night, she and her friend Melody accidentally unleash a flirtatious demon named Lyria, who spent the past fifty years in a stone.

STAY on Steam

Award-winning, innovative puzzle-adventure. By communicating through your PC, you must help a kidnapped man escape captivity – in real-time. While you sleep, he is alone. When you return to your PC he has hope. Your encouragement and advice will be the difference between his salvation or despair.

Steam Prison on Steam

There are two kinds of people: the rulers and the ruled. The Heights are a gorgeous utopia. The Depths, a filthy industrial wasteland. Our heroine, raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those below.

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