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  • Koe no Katachi The Shape of a Voice

    Koe no Katachi Anime Review

    Koe no Katachi is not just a story of a deaf girl, but also a coming of age story wherein we witness the growth and life changes of everyone surrounding her. Shoko is a deaf student who transfers in to the class. Shoko is the only student with a disability, and none of the staff, students, or teachers are prepared or equipped to deal with her. As a result, Shoko becomes the victim of bullying, with Shoya largely being the ring leader behind her tormenting. Once Shoya's bullying is ousted by his teacher and classmates, Shoya himself becomes the victim of bullying and learns first hand the pain and isolation that he inflicted upon Shoko. Shoya and Shoko both struggle with feelings of depression and suicide as a result of being bullied by their classmates. Will their new unusual friendship be enough to save both of them?

  • Hatsukoi Monster Anime Review: First Love Monster


    Title: Hatsukoi Monster

    Alternate Title: First Love Monster

    Genre: Romance / Comedy / Slice of Life / Shoujo

    Length: 12 Episodes + OVA

    Release Date: 2016

    Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

    Based on: Hatsukoi Monster manga by Akira Hiyoshimaru (which is still ongoing at time of this review).

    You can purchase the first 3 volumes (at time of this review) on Amazon in English:

    Geeky:  2/5 – No action here, but a lot of comedy. It’s also pretty heavy on romance though, so if Rom-coms aren’t your thing, I wouldn’t recommend this one. read more