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  • Unrest | PC Game | India | Review | Multiple Endings | Lots of Characters | Retro | Indie | Game | Visual Novel | Point and Click | Adventure Game | Playable Characters

    Unrest | Indie PC Game | Review | Multiple Endings and Branching Plot

    Title: Unrest

    Genre: RPG with Point and Click, Adventure Game, and Visual Novel Elements

    Publishers: Pyrodactyl Games and Kiss LTD

    Platform: PC

    Release Date: July, 2014

    Overall: 57/80 71% C- “Good Game for Girls”

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    Concept: 10/10 Unrest is a different experience each time you play. The game jumps from perspective to perspective multiple times throughout the game, and it appears to be random each time. Sometimes you’re a human, other times a naga, sometimes a male, other times female, sometimes in power, sometimes oppressed, sometimes violent, sometimes a pacifist, sometimes good, sometimes corrupt, etc. But each time, you spend a few hours in the shoes of one of the many many different characters of this game. The choices you make do have consequences and do matter. It’s very unique. I highly recommend this game. read more