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How to Remove Debris Under Screen Protector On Smart Phone

I read an article today on how to remove dust, dirt, hairs, fuzz, lint, etc from underneath your screen protector. When I tried it though, my screen protector, which I've only had for 5 days, cracked. I want to warn everyone that if you are googling how to remove debris under your screen protector to NOT follow this tutorial if you have a tempered glass screen protector. I have one from ZAGG that luckily will be covered under the warranty. My poor screen protector:( pic.twitter.com/P9UZs2E3Aw — Jenilee Dunson (@Xenokitten) November 17, 2015 For those wanting to remove dirt and debris... here's the "urban legend" online.... ONCE AGAIN DO NOT TRY THIS WITH A GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR. YOU CAN SEE ABOVE WHAT THIS DID TO MY BRAND NEW $45 ZAGG protector. Materials needed: Scotch Tape Tea

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