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Imagine: Figure Skater Nintendo DS Retro Videogame Review

With the 2018 Winter Olympics well under way, I've been thinking a lot about games and anime (such as Yuri on Ice which I reviewed here) that showcases the dedication that a skater must possess. I remembered fondly an NDS game from "a few" years ago that I played that allowed you to take on the life of a professional skater, competing in various events, training, dating, and dealing with drama. This game, as it turns out, was Imagine: Figure Skater for the Nintendo DS. The game first came out in 2008 (at least in North America), making it "retro" by my definition (I consider anything greater than 10 years old to be retro.)  I'm thinking about digging out my cartridge and playing it again this weekend. I've also been thinking about rewatching Yuri!! on Ice. First, you might look a

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Top 2018 Nintendo Switch Games for Girls

30 New Games For Girls on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 One of the most popular posts on this site is our Top 2017 Nintendo Switch Games for Girls With a new year, I decided to take a look at the upcoming releases for the Switch in 2018 and make a few suggestions as to what games girls should be looking out for in the year ahead. (There may be a few games that released in Q4 of 2017 also on this list as I wasn't sure of a few of the release dates). Enjoy! And leave me a comment to let me know what games you're looking forward to on the Switch in 2018. :) I'll also soon add a list like this for PS4 and PC games as well. Top 2018 Nintendo Switch Games For Girls 1.) Project Octopath Traveler Originally scheduled for a 2017 release, and part of our Top 20...

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