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Full Version: Kawaii News:Doodle Time With Kawaii Drawing Books
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Doodle Time With Kawaii Drawing Books

Whether you’re a complete beginner at drawing or just lack inspiration, these kawaii drawing books can help you! You may have seen Pic Candle’s doodle videos on YouTube and now creator Zainab has her own drawing book! Kawaii Doodle Class shows you how to draw 75 super-cute characters with simple step-by-step illustrations and instructions. There’s a mix and match element too so you can customise your doodles with different expressions. I love the illustration style of Angela Nguyen AKA pikarar, especially her cute takes on Pikachu. Her drawing book is called Kawaii! How to Draw Really Cute Stuff and has the hilarious subtitle of ‘Put the awwww into drawwww’. That means pages and pages of step by step drawings for just about everything including cute animals and food. If you’re a Sanrio fan, this Japanese ballpoint drawing book will teach you how to draw Hello Kitty and friends. Don’t be put off buying Japanese drawing books as they always have lots of step by step illustrations that are easy to follow. Just learning how to draw? This Easy Kawaii Illustration Book will start you off with simple but super cute doodles. Each character is just a few lines and shapes with suggestions for customising […]

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