Category: Site Updates

  • Forum Revival!

    See what’s new on the forums!

    Our forums were a sad, lonely place with over 50,000 spam bots.

    That’s no longer the case! In an effort to crush the evil spam bots, some user accounts may have also been slain. If this happened to you, please re-register on the forums and join us <3.

    The biggest change is we’ve migrated from phpbb to mybb. As such some features and content were not carried over, you can check the forums in the Site Updates section to get more info. read more

  • New Theme – Test Run – Feedback Request

    I wanna know what you guys think about this theme. Is it cute? Or is it too distracting? I’ve always been a fan of VERY minimalistic designs, but I thought since I run a “kawaii blog” maybe I should try out the “cutesy” look.

    I dunno if you’ve ever visited my site before or not – so here are some screenshots of our most recent theme before the switch. As you can see it was all free roaming white spaces, without a background, or without being “boxed in”. read more

  • Ability to Choose Theme – Postponed

    We are adding the ability to allow you to choose different themes for viewing the blog via the main site In preparation for this we will be activating some themes (in order to place widgets or modify some lines of code). If things are not looking or working as you may expect, this could be the reason.

    This post will be updated once the new features (and themes) are in place.

    Right after deciding to do this, they released WordPress 4.5 literally seconds after this post went live – which makes some themes look funky. This may be a process spanning a few days. Thank you for your patience. read more

  • Check Out Our New Forums

    We’ve “soft launched” a new forum system for our readers to interact with eachother.

    There’s not too much there yet, but if you want bragging rights and to secure your username and a low ID number you can sign up now 🙂

    We’ve also changed our theme (again) – I apologize that the theme we ran for the last few weeks had some poor navigation elements which caused parts of the menu to be truncated. This menu should be much cleaner. Enjoy the new look and new features. More new features will be coming in the next few weeks. read more