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Hourou Musuko Wandering Son Anime Review

Hourou Musuko Anime Review Source: Facebook via Hourou Musuko Title: Hourou Musuko Other Titles: Wandering Son Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Drama, School Studio: AIC Classic Based on: The Hourou Musuko manga by Takako Shimura Length: The show is made up of a single 12 episode season, with the story beginning partway through the plot of Takako’s source manga material. Each episode is roughly 23 minutes long.  Release Dates: Aired January – April 2011 Where to watch: Crunchyroll has the entire season in its library, available for streaming 24/7. Overall: 56 / 70 Geeky: 3 / 5 Gentle comedy and an entire plotline devoted to an instalment of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet make for a wonderfully animated literary experience – and all in Japanese, no less. We wo

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Women in the Crypto World

Women in the crypto world Although the tech industry has predominantly had more men than women, the trend is changing in women’s favor. The number of women working in major roles in startups is increasing day by day. In the cryptocurrency industry, women have taken high profile roles all over the world. If you were to get to this useful link, you can comprehend the article better and in a perspicuous manner. This article looks at some of the most iconic women in the cryptocurrency industry.  How Women are Encouraged to Join the Industry A number of organizations focused on mentoring women to join the blockchain industry are cropping up around the world. One such organization is the ‘Women in Bitcoin Foundation, which has branches in different cities. The organization’s aim is to c

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