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Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Review

  Lunar Eternal Blue Review by Geeky Sweetie Title: Lunar Eternal Blue Genre: RPG Publisher: GameArts / Studio Alex (Japan) / Working Designs (USA) This review is of the english version(s) by Working Designs which feature english text and english voice acting. Geeky Factor: 3/5  Sweetie Factor: 5/5  Story: 10/10 The story of Eternal Blue takes place long after Silver Star Story. In my opinion, Eternal Blue is the better of the two games, but last time I checked, that seemed to be a minority opinion. No previous experience with silver star is required to enjoy eternal blue. In fact, I played eternal blue first, back on the sega cd, and later purchased silver star after completing eternal blue. I have played all of the lunar games in all of their iterations including some tha...

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